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Who we are

IMMUNI T is a contract research organization (CRO) providing high quality services in immunology and immunotoxicology. Immuni T performs cytotoxicty and other cell-based assays; immunogenicity prediction assays for new biotherapeutics and biosimilars as well as immunogenicity tests for biotherapeutics in clinical development; ligand-binding assays for the quantification/detection of peptides, proteins or nucleic acids; immuno assays based on FACS analysis for determination of cell function and molecules quantification; multiplex analysis on Luminex as well as customization, development and validation of assays for clinical sample analysis in a GLP-compliant environment. All our services are provided with custom-tailored bio-informatics support. Immuni T covers all your needs for biologics (peptides, proteins, therapeutic antibody, vaccine and oligonucleotide-based therapeutics).

Why work with us

IMMUNI T offers the full range of immunological services to complement the drug development process from discovery to post-marketing.

IMMUNI T has developed significant expertise through experience in performing both standard and custom immuno-detection/diagnostic assays and assay validation.

IMMUNI T has certified state of the art equipment at its disposal such as multi-laser flow cytometer, radioactive plate counters, quantitative PCR, ligand binding tools, P2/P3 cell culture facility and Top Count plate counter and can operate in a Biosafety Level 2 Containment facility.

Our Services

Our services categorized by analytical / functional assay:

Mainstream immuno-diagnostic/assay, cytokine detection, receptor binding, cell phenotyping, immunogenecity detection and prediction, production cell line characterization, and therapeutics mechanism of action, ELISA, RIAs.

Custom assay development and validation, including primary and cell-line based assays, immuno-detection assays and diagnostic.

Special support for immunotherapeutics, immuno-modulation therapy and environmental immunotoxicology.

Laboratories and scientific environment

Our facilities are located in Montreal, one of the major immunology hub in North-America. For specific research projects, at the discovery and pre-clinical or clinical stage, we also benefit from pro-active partnering resources with 4 Universities and all major University hospitals within a 2 kilometers radius, with high technology equipment platforms and competent human resources, comprising Concordia University, McGill University, Université de Montréal and Université du Québec à Montréal.

Metal Software


August 2015 IMMUNI T acquires two new Cytoflex (Beckman Coulter), 7 decades dynamic range and 15 parameters with 13-color flow cytometers to expand its capabilities in flow cytometry analysis. The addition of these instruments increases the throughput and provide more flexibility in performing cell-based assays.

July 2014 IMMUNI T announces the award of a subvention from the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) of the National Council of Research (NRC). The funding will be used to validate and commercialize an ex vivo assay for the prediction of response to biotherapeutics. This project is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Boulos Haraoui from the Institut de Rhumatologie de Montréal.

March 2013 IMMUNI T acquires two new Guava 12HT (Millipore), 5 decades dynamic range and 12 parameters with 10-color flow cytometers to upgrade its capabilities in flow cytometry analysis

March 2013 IMMUNI T acquires a Luminex MAGPIX® instrument and therefore now offers multiplex analysis on this platform.

March 2010 IMMUNI T acquires a new Guava 8HT (Millipore) flow cytometer instrument for his main laboratory.

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