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How to be tested

Donors are referred by a qualified physician. The personnel of the medical center or the health clinic in charge to make appointments should use informed consent forms when appropriate and be responsible to collect blood samples.

The authorized person will draw a total of approximately 25 ml of blood into 3 sterile sodium heparinized tubes of 10 ml for a single test or 32 ml of blood into 4 sterile sodium heparinized tubes of 10 ml for a double test, supplied with the sampling kit. Mix the tubes by inversion at least 5 times after sampling.

The sampling form, supplied in each transport box or in your email has to be filled by the person performing the blood collection: all fields in white must be filled by the nurse sampling the donor.

Tubes must be labelled with the donor’s name and the date and the time of blood collection. No other manipulation of the blood samples is needed. Samples must be kept at room temperature at all times.

Expedition :The blood MUST be received within 24 hours following the collection. It is strongly recommended to send the blood samples by 24 hrs services. At Immuni T, samples can be processed from Monday to Friday between 8h00 AM to 5h00 PM inclusively. If the needs require a different process schedule, special arrangements can be made with Immuni T
at 514 987 3380 or toll free at 1 877 987 3380.

If the sampling is done on Friday, make sure you use a same day delivery system.

For shipping, the tubes must be placed in the supplied containers which respect the norms for the transport of biological material. For example, in the STP710 boxes, the tubes are placed with the protective bubble wrap around them in the sealed plastic bag, and then placed inside the sealed "Tyvek bag". The sampling form and all the consent forms are placed in the box before sending it to Immuni T.

The containers are identified and labelled on four sides with the following information:


The samples are shipped at the following address:

5e étage, bureau SB-5658
141, avenue du Président Kennedy
Montréal, Québec
H2X 1Y4

Shipping information and waybill number are transmitted by email at
A confidentiality code will be attributed to each sample immediately upon reception.

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