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Other custom services

  • 1. Analysis of immune cells activity and functionality
  • 2. Basic immune function profiling upon exposure to drug, food, chemical, cells, medical device
  • 3. Monitoring of immunogenicity, antigenicity
  • 4. Immune response, autoimmunity, inflammation, hypersensitivity, antitumor response, anti infectious response, vaccine toxicology studies
  • 5. Monitoring of production and usage of immunomodulators and mediators
    • Functional immunopharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics;
    • Cellular function assays for T, B, M, NK, K, dendritic, Etc.
      • Ex : MLR, CTL, TDAR KLH assay, NK assay, ADCC, migration, phagocytosis
    • Analysis of activation, suppression, cell cycle, proliferation (mono/polyclonal), cell death, mediator production and usage, functional flow cytometry, oxydative burst;
    • Receptor-ligand binding and mechanism of action: Kd, Ki;
    • Sub cellular localization after binding and internalization;
    • Cell activation and cell death mechanisms.

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